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Written by Thomas Morrow   
Monday, 22 July 2013 06:06

BAYSA play rules as modified below:

  1. Referee assignment will be controlled by the Tournament’s referee assignor.
  2. All Referee decisions are final.  No protests are allowed.
  3. The Tournament Committee will have final jurisdiction over all matters related to the tournament.
  4. Each team is responsible for the actions of its team players, officials, and spectators on or off the playing field before, during, or after a game. Any team refusing or failing to play a game in compliance with Association rules shall forfeit the game.
  5. Sideline coaching of players on the field during a game shall be permitted by coaches only from their side of the playing field, along the touchline, and between the penalty boxes.  Excessive coaching may be limited by the referee or a tournament official, no matter where the source is located.
  6. All persons except coaches are required to stay 6-feet back of the touchlines.
  7. No verbal abuse or game interference shall be allowed regardless of source. The game may be stopped and the outcome referred to tournament officials.
  8. A coach shall be warned or sent off for the actions of the sideline spectators (parents, friends, etc.).
  9. No players will be allowed to play with a hard cast (plaster, plastic, or fiberglass), padded or otherwise.
  10. Uniforms for players are mandatory and consist of jersey or t-shirt, shorts, knee socks, shoes, and shin guards.
    1. It is mandatory that all players’ jerseys be numbered
    2. Knee pads and elbow pads are permissible.
    3. All goalkeepers must have a jersey that contrasts with their own team and the opposing teams’ jerseys.
    4. Bandannas of any style may not be worn during any game. Players may not wear a bandanna on their head, legs, or arms.
    5. Socks must cover shin guards.
    6. No jewelry of any type will be permitted during a game. Medical bracelets or necklaces may be worn provided they are taped to the skin with the medical condition displayed.
    7. Hair clips, that the referee determines may be dangerous to the players, will not be allowed to be worn during a game.


Forfeits may not be declared at the field by any agreement between coaches. A referee or the Tournament Committee may declare a forfeit due to referee abuse or game interference.  The Tournament Committee may also declare a forfeit…

a. If that team fails to field the minimum number of players as outlined for their age division at game time; or

b. If the Coach plays an ineligible, suspended or unregistered player in a match and/or falsifies a game report. A player whose name appears on the game report is considered to have participated in that match.

Game duration:

U9-U10, 20 min halves

U11-U12, 25 min halves

U13-U14, 30 min halves

U15-U18, 35 min halves

Water breaks will be given at approximately half way through each half for all halves, all games.

Off-sides Rule:

Off-sides rule will be enforced for all age groups

10-Point Scoring:

The tournament will be scored on a 10-point system:

6 points for a win;

3 points for a tie;

1 point for each point scored, up to 3; and

1 point for a shut out.

Forfeits count as ten points and will be scored 3-0.

First and Second place (Champion and Finalist) in each playing bracket will be decided based on the total points earned over three games.

Tie Breaker Rules:

For Tie Break Purposes – No more than four (4) points scored during any game will be counted for tie break purposes.

For example, if a team wins 10 to 1 over another team:

  • The team that scored 10 points will receive 9 points for the game (6 for the win and 3 for points for goals scored)
  • The team that scored 1 point will receive 1 point for the game (1 for the goal scored)
  • For goal differential:
  1. the team that scored 10 points will have a goal differential of plus 3
  2. the team that scored 1 point will have a goal differential of minus 3
  • For goals scored:
  1. the team that scored 10 points will have 4 scored
  2. the team that scored 1 point will have 1 scored
  • For goals allowed:
  1. the team that scored 10 points will have 1 allowed
  2. the team that scored 1 point will have 4 allowed

In the event that two or more teams have earned the same points totals after 3 games, the following rules will be used to determine each tie break:

  1. Head-to-Head Outcome
  2. Goal differential – goals scored minus goals allowed (Up to a maximum of four (4) goals per game)
  3. Ratio of goals scored, divided by goals allowed (Up to a maximum of four (4) goals per game)
  4. Greatest number of goals for (Up to a maximum of four (4) goals per game)
  5. Least number of goals against (Up to a maximum of four (4) goals against per game)
  6. Least penalty points (Yellow = 1 point, Red = 2 points)
  7. Coin flip
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